Friday, July 11, 2008

Grilled Salmon.
Smoked Goldeye & Lemon
Roasted Potato's & Mushrooms

Big ol' Salad.
Oka Cheese
Jalapeno Focaccia Breed & Balsamic vinegrette
With Limesicles for Dessert
= Best Diner Ever.

My boyfriend makes me dinners & it makes me melt.
Men who cook* = Best

*for me.

I finally have the monitor situation under control. Having a computer & Internet at home will be the weirdest feeling. Also probably not good for my productivity. Which right now, isn't something to brag about. mostly because my sewing machine is out of commission... FUCK YOU SEWING MACHINE. :(
Universe >Me

Edit - Sewing machine = Fixed. Monitor = useless. Computer = BUSTED.

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