Tuesday, June 17, 2008

should'a said.

Bleeding love is playing on the weather channel right now. I wish Ryse was around so I could tell her, and we could giggle together.

There are to many things I've needed to say out loud. I've practiced biting my tongue for far to long, I think. It's become a habit. At the worst of times.

- Why are holidays always terrible for the people who lack what everyone is celebrating? Fathers day was easy, actually. It was last night that was hard. These hard feelings I have towards him, are the things I need to get over. I hate how the things that have happened are responsible for the way I feel about so many things that have nothing to do with anything. It's not fair to myself, or to him, or to other people, to blame him, always him, for my fears and doubts and short comings in life. I don't know how... but... oh never mind.

- I know I've made the wrong decision a lot of times. I know this because I know how many times I decide, change my mind, decide, and change my mind all over again. I gave up. And I'm deeply sorry. My fear is preventing me from dialing a few numbers. But if I could tell you (and have you believe) that I'll always answer the phone if ever you feel like giving it another chance.

- One of the featured articles on Wikipedia was about Vlad III Dracula today. The biggest smile crept across my face. Today you remedied me that some times, flashing signs need to be put up. I'll start working on them.

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greenhellmonstermash said...

I forgot to tell you about the short bio I read on Vlad and Elizabeth Bathory a while ago in one of Mike's serial killer books. So amazing.

PS: I still strongly suggest that you watch 30 days of night.