Thursday, June 12, 2008

Secret Heart

It's terribly refreshing to see the sun and the blue sky today. It's also refreshing to know that my bank account won't show $6.17 by 12am. Shopping & sushay wit muh gurl followed by a cover of "ace of spades" will be a wonderful way to kick off a weekend

They sit on the tips of our tongues.
Sometimes they shoot through our eyes & rush from our hands.
We hear them in our simple words.
They can be seen in the way we speak of other things & heard in the languages we've yet to learn.
I know these things to be true.
Tell me I'm wrong & let me prove to you I'm right.

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greenhellmonstermash said...

I'm glad the mention of the Ace of Spades cover made it down into the Bloggy blog.