Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A week in review

In no particular order:

-Getting busted for texting at work. I can't even have my phone on my desk.
-Moving desks!
-BFF Birthday!
-Saying things I shouldn't say. When I shouldn't say them.
-Being told I dance like an aerobics instructor.
-Having the drunk-o boyfriend try to make out with me in public.
-Calling in sick on Friday AM.
-Watching the other BFF fall on the floor while trying to do the Sexy dance on her boyfriend.
-Learning the lesson to never watch lightning while sewing.
-Spending my Saturday afternoon & evening cleaning and sewing and generally being domestic.
-Cooking bacon for the first time.
-Out of no where hyper fits.
-Hand & Belly Farting.
-General Heavy Heartedness - in the good way.
-Black Jersey Skirts.
-Not having my claims checked anymore.

Ok. That's enough. I think I killed enough time for one lunch hour. It's beautiful out. I'm going for a walk.

It's Ironic that the song stuck in my head... is stuck in my head...


greenhellmonstermash said...

Oh man, I was doing the sexy dance?!!?

...unless that wasn't me.

calories said...

Oh it was you!
You did a lot of sexy dancing on friday. You fell gracefully though.. don't fret.