Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rain is falling...

When you said It was overwhelming I knew exactly what you meant. More often than not, being overwhelmed is a troubling feeling for me. Although this is terribly troubling for me, it's quiet literally the best kind of overwhelmed I've felt. My mornings are spent with memories. My afternoons are spent with day dreams. My evenings are spent with plans. My nights are spent with you. If I'm lucky.
The snow has already melted when I discovered your eloquence with words. I experienced moments of jealousy, solely based on the fact that I wish I could tell you what is happening in my mind, let alone in my heart. Words use to slide right off my tongue like water. Now they just sit. Resting. Waiting. Anticipating the moment when the dam breaks and I can no longer practice the restraint I've held for so long. I want to flood your entire being with every single word I know. I want you to be washed away with the feelings. I want to fill you with these emotions that only I know.
I never want to find ourselves in the midst of a draught.
I never want our April showers to end.

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