Monday, March 31, 2008

Dwell on the past and it will bury you

This weekend consisted of:
H&R Block breaking news Rampages. EXTRA! EXTRA!
Oh God! Nappypops!
Deciding to go out for 10:45 @ 10:30.
Booking a tattoo Consult.
Delicious. For a Birthday.
Reese Cups. In more than one way.
and best of all TACOS!

I'm sick of seeing him everywhere. Since when. God.

I'm sick of nightmares. Every night since.

I'm sick of dishes. That I haven't washed in forever.

I'm in love with not caring about that anymore. It's refreshing.

For you:
We've been climbing uphill together,
For three years and counting.
Life kicks us when we're down but we,
We just keep trying.
What else can we do?
Dwell on the past and it will bury you.
But it's getting harder to look ahead,
With all these conflicting thoughts in my head.
The days are too dark,
And they last too fucking long.
That's why we made a promise.
That's why we carved it in stone.
And where it was written,
Is where it will fucking stay.
It's the sword that we will live by,
Even if it means we have to die this way.
Destination: death or better days.

When we've had enough, we've had enough.
There's something inside of us that can't be touched.

We are, we are. We are Unbreakable.

This is where it ends.
I'm putting my foot down.
I'm sick of second guessing and
I'm Fucking sick of falling down.
Rock bottom is a beautiful start.
We're rising up to show the world our scars,
From a former life that we'd rather not hide.
This is our time.

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