Monday, December 3, 2007

Nothing really exciting.. Nah.
I need to change my flights, and actually book the hotel... But I'm putting it off. Putting it off in the way that you put something off because you really really don't want to do it, or admit it, and for some god damn stupid reason there is the slightest bit of hope that I won't have too. Yeah right, I guess.

I decorated my apartment. Really all I did was hang lights and a few ball on my mantel. I still think it's pretty. It still makes my heart flutter. I won't have a tree. I won't have presents under it. Oh well. I get to see my favourite thing in the world ten days before Christmas. Not to mention I get to do something totally unlike me, and I'm stoked to get over one of my biggest fears. I've been called brave, but I'm sure there is some assholes who thinks it's more pathetic. Oh well!

I'm in love with things no one could ever guess. It makes me happy to just have this between me and 'it'. It's all mine and I don't have to share. I giggle from time to time thinking about it.


lionamelie said...

where are you flying?

calories said...

Going to Chicago for The Suicide File show

lionamelie said...

oh fun fun! I'm going to toronto on the 18th and then NYC for a week on the 21st. cant wait.