Monday, December 10, 2007

Endure the pain in your burning young mind

If I believed in god, for sure, I'd figure that all these things were signs from him to let me know that I'm just not supposed to go.
I don't for sure believe in god, so I'm fucking going.
7 Huge Drama-rama's in regards to this trip.
7 Huge reasons why I've wanted to punch people and things.
and 1 Huge reason why I haven't given up.


I've also finally decided what my next tattoo will be. Stoked.

Some lovely to leave with:

We've been abandoned.
Yeah, we've been left behind.
Red hot daggers in our conscious through the long cold night.
Are we growing ugly?
Are we wasting time?
Tell me your truth, kid.
I'll tell you mine.
I've crawled through obscurity to find the heavy burden of a wasted life.
Go north.
Endure the pain in your burning young mind.
Through thebroken backs in the sands of time you've been recalled to life.
We arethe bright lights in these dark times.
Thoughts like razors in ourconscious through the long cold night.
Lonely and wide eyed.
We won'tbe sleeping tonight.
Get broken. Regenerate. Resurrect.
Is your city still sick?
Are you still desperate?
Get broken. Regenerate.Resurrect.
Prepare your heart for what lies ahead.

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