Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moments Like This

I'm full of good news. I'm full of good feelings. I'm full of smiles. I'm still full of sass and the usual things I'm full of (piss & vinegar). I'm just genuinely happy right now.

1- New Apartment : I still have 2 boxes to unpack. Small boxes. Ones that probably will not become un-packed. I love my apartment. It's Beautiful, and mine. I've gotten the "You'll get sick of living alone FAST" from a lot of people. But it's always been said in front of people who really really know me, who have retorted with "Yeah Right! She'll LOVE it!" Because It's true. I may not live alone forever, but I know at this point in my life, this is what I need. I put up all my pictures and shelves (with help from some totally sweet people) I painted my living room, and I've figured out where to put everything. I'm still waiting on a dinning room table, and I haven't picked out the right couch yet. Soon enough. Thank you to everyone who helped me move. You're all wonderful. Even the ones who offered to help, but were unable to in the end. It all means the world.

2- New Job: I don't start until October 29th, but I'm still really excited. It's great. I get to stay at my office, which has become so comfortable. I get to stay in the same 'Department', which I know everyone in. AND I get a pretty legit salary increase. Paying off debt, buying a sweet couch, buying nice Christmas presents, and having a sweet shoe collection are not far off! This is only a simple change on paper, and practice, but it makes a huge difference in my life.

3- New TV: not a big deal, but it made me so happy! Not the actual tv is new, but the kind of cable I get! Nate got me a neat deal at shaw, and I have that PVR thing. This excites me so much, because I can record every single movie on TCM, that I would normally miss due to work, sleep, and social life. I'm so happy about this. Right now, while I'm in the lunch room at "the office" (that was for you, Nate!), I'm Recording "The secret lives of Elizabeth and Essex" One of my fav. movies.

4- Sleep: Cory brought me some NyQuil last night. That ruled. It helped me sleep, and I am so happy about it. Since the evening before I did not sleep a wink. Yay!

5- Infatuation: It may end terribly, and go no where from this point on, But at this very moment, it's making the days pass quicker, and it's making me smile at random times of the day.

I guess this post is a top 5 of the things I like in life right now. Hahaha.



Michael Joyal said...

Congrats on the new gig. What will you be doing now?

calories said...

Assistant claims adjuster!