Monday, October 22, 2007

Keep telling me facts, and keep making me smile (?)

Fun Fact:
My friends tease me about the things I repeatedly do. I laugh a lot about it around them, But sometimes I really hate that I can't stop doing these things. I set my self up for disaster. It's good for a laugh sometimes.

Sad Fact:
"Ohio is for lovers." Winnipeg is not.

Confusing Fact:
I don't want to start my new job... I actually thought about how hard it's going to be to adjust. I'm scared. I don't want to hear anyone say "Don't worry! etc etc" It will just make me angry with you.

Not Fact:
I have enough fabric to finish the dresses I love so very much... Fuck.

Real Fact:
I want to be in bed. With or without the 'love of my life'.



kNate said...

k... your next blog needs to be happy.

that is all...

p.s. scrabulous makes my life. it's scrabble on facebook. how can you go wrong?

calories said...

It's not like this is a terrible one... Just a "meh" kind.

kNate said...

how about a blog about puppies? who doesn't like puppies? puppies make me happy! like this ---> :D