Monday, October 1, 2007

I drew a heart around the name of your city

Oh fuck this shit!
Yes, Srsly.

wtf is my problem?

Friday: Fell asleep at 10:30. Needed that.
Saturday: Went to two weddings. Passed out in the midst of texting.
Sunday: Searched desperately for the right things, and ended up not getting my keys from my landlord.

I'm moving today. If I have to blow open the locks and throw that bitches shit out the window.
I'm ready to just never see the light of day again, and turn off my cell phone forever.


kNate said...

2 weddings and a booo... a boo to landlords that aren't so great. But you shouldn't hate because your too great!

lionamelie said...

yeah i went to a wedding on saturday too.they are so darn boring. I can't believe you had to endure two of them. brutal. anyway hope you are well karlie, hope your move went fantastic.

calories said...

the second one wasn't so boring! the first one on the other hand... Def. collar pulling moments.