Sunday, October 7, 2007

Does it ever get easier to live like this

How long can it remain as just words? Is there a time restriction on these kind of things? Is it a guaranteed thing that after a certain point, it becomes ok for the original words to mean more than just the words themselves? When is it ok for the words to gain weight and create expectations?
Am I wrong to want to question things like sincerity, intent, and feeling? Am I out of line to be thinking of this as more than I had before? If I am, and none of this has any value am I allowed to ask for the reasons? How do you ask questions you never imagined yourself ever having to ask?
How do you deal with the questions you're to scared to ask anyone but yourself?

I asked some last night. I also said somethings I thought I would keep to myself. Well received, but I'm still full of doubts. Go figure.

Currently at my moms for thanksgiving 'dinner'. My piece of pie is upstairs waiting for me. But I can't seem to motivate to go get it.


Anonymous said...

DON'T YOU EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hair whip*

calories said...

Major Lol's inthe lunch room!