Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is all I know.

I want to say everything I feel.
I want to not care who reads it.
I want to live by the words I tattooed on my self, to remind me how I want to live.
I want you to feel like you can do the same.
I want to hear everything you want to say.
I want to know why you feel those things.
I want to know what to do for you.
I want you to know that I feel this way.

I need a good hug for a number of reasons. Anyone who would like to give me one, is more than welcome to do so. Don't be surprised if I just start to bawl my eyes out though. I'm about ready to stop feeling so emotional.

24 is on the tv in the lunch room right now. Oh jack, I will always lust for you. :giggles:


kNate said...

You were watching 24 at 9:45am?

calories said...

I was. It's called re-runs!

kNate said...

That wicked, i never knew they played reruns of decent shows in the mornings. i thought all they played was days of our lives and the price is right?