Thursday, September 6, 2007

Take it easy on me

I wish I was able to say that the events of this evening didn't piss me right off. One stupid fucking thing after another. It's actually so dumb.

Amber and I were sitting talking about calendars, and how she didn't have one. I just so happen to have an extra, in a bag of pantry stuff
sittin on the floor. When I go to pull it out... it's sticky with molasses. WTF? yeah, exactly. I thought maybe it was just on the calender, and maybe a few things around. NOPE. All over everything. So obviously I gotta go clean this shit up. It's all over the floor, on every bit of food stuffs in the bag, and the boxes. I pick up a box of spaghetti and -you guessed it-I spill it every fucking where. BLASTED LIFE. Amanda is like, here ready to pick me up and my hands are full of noodles, not to mention covered in molasses. 'tevs. I clean up, go to grab my purse. my sweater-wait- where's my sweater? YEAH. GONE. Lost it. Between my bosses house and Amber's place I dropped it. It wouldn't be so terrible, you know... if it wasn't less than a week old. Dinner wasn't so bad. It was actually quite nice. Until I was standing outside taking a picture of everyone, and then-bam- Someone just strolls right on by. Not even a hello. G's. Grown up much. 'tevs.

I think I'm done my rant about this now.

Stoked for the weekend. I need sleep. Really bad, yet I'm still online

I still can't get this off my mind. It's at the sleep stealing point. I think it's almost worse... you know... when you had such hope, and it just got washed away with a few simple words. It's hard to sit with all the "What if"s and "I wonder"s. The possibility lost is almost worse to think about than the
actually loss. Well, ok in this situation anyway. I don't know how to just stop thinking. But I think it would help if I could get some clarification. I can't though. It would just make me seem a bit crazy, i think, so instead I'm stuck with this box to be filled with my zeros and ones. Lookin crazy, regardless. UGH.



lionamelie said...

hey :) I added you as a friend.

lionamelie said...

ps. molasses is so tasty.

calories said...

How do you do this?? I'm so confused.