Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So sorry, two words I always think.

Dear Mr.
I'm sorry. I made a lot of mistakes.
Sincerely, Calories.

This evening I'm going to start my Top 5 Lists. Not every post will have one, but this one will.

Top 5 Things to look forward to this weekend:

1) Sleeping in 2 days in a row
2) No work pants
3) Dance party at the Albert (?)
4) The Drank
5) Looking for paint colours.

This is Gir. On top of the fridge. He likes it up there, and I love him. When he's not pooping where he shouldn't be.


kNate said...

your top 5 list was pretty good. i retract the poser statement.

Anonymous said...

Can Gir and I be friends?

calories said...

Duh! he loves everyone who gives him love. I think you and he, could end up being great friends.