Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Top 5 favourite things in the world to do!

Since things have been downers, I've decided to blog about things that make me happy. Enjoy.

1) Snuggle. Snuggling may or may not include some etc. etc.'s. Depends on the situation Obviously. I like being held and all that mushy shit. That being said, I do not understand any girl(or boy for that matter) who does not enjoy biting. Just sayin'.

2) Sleeping. / laying in bed. Sleeping is one of the bestest things in the world. I don't think I really need to even explain that. But I know that on bad days, the thought of me being able to lay in bed soon makes me melt a little inside.

3) Laughing. Maybe it's because I have 5 million different laughs, maybe it's because I have super funny friends. It feels great. No matter how terrible things may be, and how bummed I may get, there is always something that can make me laugh. I'm also known to laugh at things people don't expect me to laugh at. I don't get that?!

4) Eating. I could talk about how eating makes me feel amazing non-stop. Sometimes I want to eat something so bad I get like longing pains. Sometimes when I eat something so good, I actually get week in the knees. I Have foodgasims a lot. I once collapsed on my moms kitchen floor when she was making taco's or something, because I was craving ground beef so bad.

5) Enjoying music. Whether it be b dancing, crying(yes, crying), or letting out bits of rage. Truly listening to music is something that I would not give up for the world. I really don't think I would enjoy anything half as much, if there wasn't great music to go with it.

Honourable mentions:

Spending time with friends. Clearly amazing. Most of the things on the list are done with friends, So I didn't really think it was necessary to give this it's on spot.

Good talks. Good talks are great with good friends. I love them. It didn't make the list because some of the time good talks are about bad things, and they are about things that hurt me, or hurt my friends. As good as they are, they are sometimes hard, and since it was a list of things I love, I didn't want a sad thing to be on it!

Text messaging. It's just fun. Sometimes I hate it though. Like, when I'm trying to get ready, and I get a million text messages, that I have to reply too. Or when You don't get replies. or when you don't know what to say. Or when you get busted for doing it at work. Yeesh. and I'm not the greatest at it. Ask my friends. I think I've gotten better though.

Good night!

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