Monday, September 3, 2007

Just take one step

Last night, as soon as I left my moms house after fam jams, I should have just gone 'home'. I spent way to much time inside my own head, and it made me just angry. I honestly should have put a stop to my day when I dropped my sewing machine on my foot. Surprisingly, it hasn't bruised at all. I gave my self a pretty manicure though. It actually turned out quite nice. I never paint my nails... I'm bad at it. I did chip my middle finger some how though.

Friday I went shopping. Like, actually shopping. Let me tell you! it was great! I bought the most boner inducing fall coat ever(along with a number of other boner inducing items). It's Navy blue wool. I wish I could find a picture... but I can't.

I'm clearly talking about nothing to avoid talking about things that I want to talk about. I just don't feel like swimming through the muck right now. I rather just be surface today, and the next few days. Deal with it.

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