Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shut off your mind and burn

Kinda how I feel today:
Death as it shakes you
Death as it takes you
Don't you give it
A second thought
Hollow head
In a hollow box
Now sinking down
Give me your hand
Shut off your mind and burn
Burning away
Empty souls with empty eyes
Empty beds sell empty lies
You're fucking worthless
It always ends the same
Ashamed to know your name
Can't you hear them laugh
While you swallow
Your last breath
Death knows your name.

So, I'm pretty sure that it's a pre-req for being a landlord that you have to be the worst person for returning phone calls. Like, I think rental companies really won't hire someone if they a) answer their phone b) return a phone call within a week c) don't wait for at LEAST 3 messages before they get on with the call back. Fuck you Jerrie! I just want to pick up my damn keys!

Another weekend passed with sleepless nights and some of the loves of my life. Missing Amanda and Davey though. Which is the big suck. Chris was in town on Friday. That was pretty sweet. Some solid Lol's with him As of Saturday September 22nd, I have a new boyfriend. He goes my the name of Forrest Griffin. Next time he's depressed, I plan to eat a lot of cookies with him for sure! <3<3<3 It's all ambers fault for getting me into UFC again. yeesh

Some decisions you make are right. Some decisions you make are wrong. Some of them you think you made them for the wrong reason. and some you don't realize they are wrong until much after the fact and you're left with this hollow empty feeling in your tummy. This could be the feeling of regret, but I'm thinking it won't last because I've felt it before and I'm pretty good at making it another lesson learned. One I'm hoping not to have to learn again.

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