Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm back at my mom's now. 21 sleeps until my new place is officially my new place. I need to call my landlord and see what's up though. The people were already like, Moved out when I went to go view the place. I'm sure they'll be gone by now. and then I can start to paint and decorate. This will be my third time moving out... But this time it's more important to me. I've had 2 pretty shitty roommate situations, so I'm looking forward to living alone, in a clean quite place so much more then I can even explain. Thinking about how sweet it will be makes me heart feel all warm. Ha. It's a nice feeling since, It's been feeling pretty heavy since... Oh...well... a long ass time. It feels like the dramatics in my life are starting to cease, and I'm glad for it. Girls been living in a whirlwind for way too long.

Today, I figured out how to add links to friends blogs. I'm so proud. Because I'm so computer retarded. I also learnt how to scan things today. Big day for me... You know, being 6pm, and I'm still in my Jim Jams.

Mid last week, My bestest friend David m. O'Byrne, peaced on the Straight Edge. When he told me about his decision, I was Shocked. I was not upset, or disappointed because, well I'm pretty sure we all know I'm no one to talk. Davey is just one of the few, and I mean like 5, people who I could never expect to do so. We had his first official night out on Friday. It started at the toad, which ended up being a bust, and then we ended up at Bar I. One of the funnest evenings I've had in a long time.

That's my drink. Btw

Amber's Classic move

My eyes were closed in 90% of these pictures

I don't really know what to say... I'm back into the "surface" talk mood... sooooo 'tevs.


lionamelie said...

hey I had left the explanation on how to add friend links on your 'take it easy on me' blog. sorry you never got it. wierd. well at least you figured it out. isn't it a great day...the day you learn how to add friend links to your blog? It was for me. It was definitely blog-story worthiness.

lionamelie said...

ps. how did you make your pictures small like that? teach me!!!

calories said...

Well you see... It just kind of ended up that small. I have no idea what I did.

lionamelie said...

I sorta figured it out. I did it through photobucket. how did you do it?

calories said...

I just did it through my facebook, and it ended up this way. I think it's becuase of the template i have? Maybe?