Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Endless. Broken. White. Lines.

I'm passed the point of caring what the rest of them think.

Modern Life Is War is by far one of my favourite bands in the world. I can't even describe it. But this band makes my heart fucking explode in the best possible way. Too many fucking people in this world go around pretending to be something their not. Whether it be a elite sceenster, a god loving law abiding citizen, or even a stable human being. Every song, Every verse, every word is so honest, and raw, and un-censored, it's almost hard to believe. It's something to be admired in my opinion. Ok, ok I may be more emotional than the average... But I wouldn't trade having this band in my life for anything(except maybe The Suicide File. Lawlz)

Fuck all you haters.
Do yourselves all a favour and listen to Hair Raising Accounts of Restless Ghosts(aka Hell is for Hero's Part II) But I mean REALLY listen to it. Or just listen to everyhting they have. It's all amazing

I was asked by someone I work with to pose for a painting. I was quite in shock, and I think they think I said no. I was just flattered. I've actually always wanted to do something like that.


kNate said...

that sounds sketchy, what kind of painting?

calories said...

Not the kind that is sketchy. G's.

kNate said...

I didn't know an artist could be non sketchy.. lol i think thats part of being an artist.

Michael Joyal said...

I'm really not sketchy. I honestly think that some people would be really cool to draw. Or course it's gonna be a fully clothed painting.

I knew you said yes, K.

Hey, never got to say take care and don't let the demons win before I left the building. Keep in touch.

calories said...

I don't think you're sketchy! Don't worry!

Yeah, I was kinda bummed you just vanished! I saw you walking down the street hte next day though!

Michael Joyal said...

It's like a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Michael was here, now he is not. Whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strange question. I'm going through a cleaning purge here and found a leather trench coat I use to wear. You want it? If not, then off to Salvation Army it goes.