Sunday, September 16, 2007

Break it

Drinking 3/4 of a 26 to my self = a bad idea. Well, A bad idea when you wake up feeling like death boiled over, stirred twice. I had a really good night though. Amber and I were quite silly at Jamil's party. Falling off chairs, swinging from chandeliers, making out with our reflections in the wall of mirrors. The usual, really. Getting home at 5am was a total NBD's for sure. I wanted to die at noon, and then Danni, being the little angel she is, made me toast and brought me water. I fell back asleep and woke up just before 3. I officially proclaim that September 15th, 2oo7 to be the most pointless day in the world. After I got home, I had time to take a shower, and then sit on the edge of my bed and watch Melissa take a 5 minute nap, before we were off again to buy a lot of poultry, and then snuggle with my bunny until it was time to leave for bingo. Only realizing as we were walking out her door, that her mother had to be picked up at 11. BLAST. No bingo. The night ended up being spent at the toad, having awkward revelations, and run-ins. I'm glad the weekend is over though. I want to sleep in my bed. I miss it.

2 more weeks and things will be normal again. Thank goodness. I'm currently taking offers for help with moving things. I have a lot of heavy things that my arms are to weak to carry. I'll supply every one's favourite cheap ass beer: two riv's, to anyone who has a kinda heart, and a car. A truck even, if you want an extra special hug?!

This was a pointless entry. I hope you didn't enjoy. :)


Anonymous said...

Just for the record...

I rule for the following reasons:

-rubbing my ass in your face in a video.
-swinging from a chandelier.
-going along with your "let's dance on chairs!!" idea.
-helping you move into your new place (with the promise of two rivs yeeeeeah)

that is all.

calories said...

You rule for other reasons as well. Don't sell your self short. Grandted, those are probably the best reasons though.

Anonymous said...

You lead a very exciting life!

calories said...