Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm sick of television, I'm sick of television, I'm sick of television, I'm sick of YOU!

I think this is going to just end up as a post about how I need to wax my eyebrows, and rinse off the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. I'm house sitting for my work mom, and it's nice because she has a new dobbie puppy, with uncropped ears, and he's the sweetest little thing ever. I seriously am a free lance house sitter these days. Not complaining. Anything to get me out of the apartment.

Speaking of getting out of the apartment. There's only a week or 2 left of that place. Looking forward to getting my damage deposit back. Looking forward to a clean kitchen. Looking forward to walking around in my panties all day/night. Looking forward to one less bit of stress that I never, ever needed. :sigh: I'd be broke any day of my life before I ever make the mistake to move in with a good friend, again. It's a shame though. I really did hope for the best.

Tomorrow is Davey's Birthday. I don't think I tell him how much I love him enough. He literally is one of the most important friends I have ever had. You know it's something special when someone can straight up tell you you're being dumb, and retarded, and know as the words are coming out of their mouth, that they are telling you because they care, and because they really do have your best interest in heart. I wish more people could have relationships like that. It's important to be told when you're making mistakes you don't realize. It's also important to not hold resentment against the friend saying them. Because... they love you.

There is so much change going on at work. I've noticed that all the change in my life happens at once. Big changes, that I can't do anything about. Big changes, that I need strenght to manage. I'm also always sick when they hire new people in out department. It's like I'm there in infect people with germs to see if their dedication is as solid as a flacid noodle. Makes no sense. History repeats itself, yet again

I fell asleep in his arms last night. I was allowed to pick the movie. I felt pretty ok laughing at all the parts that I would usually be laughing alone to. I didn't call it a night until just before 2am. I am tired as all hell today, but wouldn't have done it differently. I find it quite funny, they've all been so goofy, but I think we'll figure it out soon. I have a crush on a boy, and I don't care who knows.

So, back to eyebrow waxing, dish rinsing, puppy snuggling, and day dreaming.


Shawni said...

crushes are sweet.

calories said...

prob. best things in youth.

lionamelie said...

I hate crushes now almost as much as I hate dating. I hate wondering "does he, or does he not like me?" its so much easier when they chase after you, then you know they really do like you.

make your crush wait :) it's worth it.