Sunday, August 19, 2007

I know how the words get you

I wish I wasn't such a huge girl sometimes. Seriously. I hate how one sentence can just make me stop dead in my tracks and spend the next 15 minutes-3 hours thinking about what it meant, and what the intent of the statement was, and what the cause, and desired effect was... It's fucked! It's fucked because chances are... In all reality that it was nothing more than what was said and there is no lingering meaning behind it at all. Like come on. I'm the girl. I'm the one that means one thing but says it in a way that can mean 5 other things. I'm not the one who says what they mean.... It's my breed who has trouble being straight forward with words.
I'm going to spend the rest of today periodically stopping to reflect on whats happened in the last.... week that may have lead it to happen until I either get the nerve to say something, or something is said to me.

assuming of course this isn't all in my head... chances are I'm just going to be wasting my day, eh.

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