Monday, August 6, 2007

the elegance they had before has been stripped and covered in dust

Greed and self-righteousness certainly give you a lovely glow. You do wear it so well, better then anyone I know. I've sat back, sometimes in front row center, other in the very last row of the auditorium - watching you plant your seed, web the connections, and claw, and dig, and destroy anything in your way to get to the top of this grand pyramid. This structure that you think is so valuable, and so gratifying, and rich with stature, Make your way up and don't look back. Because If you look back you may see your wrong doings. Look back and you may notice the filthy mess you've made of a reputation you're trying so hard to build with diamonds and gold. No bother with the ones down there. How far from the top they are. How much they lack in what awaits up there for you. What you're missing is the realization that everything from the ground up makes what's at the top. The day you feel gratitude towards the people who you've gone through, the ones that blindly assist and encouraged, the people whom have done what they could to help you, is the day that you see what you've done is the difference between closeness in an assemblage & loneliness at the peak of the grand pyramid. You'll end up alone in the worst kind of way.

his I find terribly fitting:

You are who you fuck, or so I am told
In this miserable city, where status is gold
I've seen shit-eating people who claw their way up
Looking for the acceptance that they never got
It's all about winning the meat market games
Among all the rejects, dropouts and fakes
Did everyone give you the attention you seek
Who's arm are you draped on this fucking week
Trophy boys and trohpy girls
Go fuck yourself, I hate your world
Fair-weather friends are keeping score
Name dropper, name fucker
You're a fucking whore

have I ever mentioned how much I love The Suicide File?

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