Wednesday, August 1, 2007

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By default of working in the customer service field, I encounter tons of very very stupid people. Of course there are a number of smart people, who understand, and appreciate the kind of company we are. But the stupid ones really outweigh the smarties. Of all the stupid customers, and of all the stupid things that they do, and expect, and say, and think.... what gets me the most is some of the names people give their pets. I've come across a number of amazing names I'd really like to name my pets. But then there are the people who think Bailey, Charlie, or maybe even Emma are unique original names. These, are not any of those things. They are common, annoying, and damn well no good. Within just 3 minutes I came across some awful names today. Llama-cookie. Golf-tip. Bookmark. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE? For a moment you may think that these could possibly be breeder names. But they are not. (Breeders often take the name of the bitch or queen, and incorporate something 'unique' for each of the litter, btw. Sometimes they end up as Sunshine's beauty mountain rise, or some shit like that) Some people like to give their pets names that they think are funny, or witty. But I assure you kind sirs and madams, they are not. Naming a bichon fries something like Gigantor, or your Persian puffy ("oh, because he's just so cute and fluffy- gush-") is not a good idea. Unless of course you were intending for people of an obviously much higher common sense than you to think you are a complete and udder moron.

In a world that I could rule over... in this perfect world, people who think of bad names for there pet would not be allowed to have pet insurance. Maybe even not have pets at all. I'd also disallow them to have insurance-of any kind- if they couldn't figure out how the fuck to send in COMPLETE(Com-plete:-adjective- having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full: a complete set of Mark Twain's writings ) documentation such as applications, claim forms, medical records. etc.

hat was a rant 2.5 years in the making. If I had more time, I'd go on. On and on for a very long time.

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lionamelie said...

oh man so funny. I remember the names I used to come across. Boobies was one of them. or even funnier when you see people who name their pets the same name as you. I think there were a couple Shanti's in there. oh boy.